May 12,2017
God has been so misrepresented in our world, that its a wonder He has not just pulled the plug and said, “Let’s start over.” But,GOD absolutely cannotdo that because of His HOLINESS and HIS WORD is HOLINESS, and He cannot ever violate His Word, or change His mind about what He has said!
During the coming days, weeks,and years, even until the Lord returns, I plan to describe the HOLY GOD, who LOVES,you and me, so much that He was willing to send a baby that would grow into a person, just as we are, and allow Him to be brutily treated and killed, by the very ones He created and LOVES so much! I have come to know this Great and Awesome God. Why, for example, did He send His son to be brutally treated and killed by the very ones He came to Save? Why are we punished for the SIN of ADAM? GOD said ASK and you WILL Receive! Sounds simple, but WHY doesn’t it happen that way? Yet,Why, WHY, WHY to the many questions we need answered! There are more questions than answers, and these answers belong to GOd, but He has promised to reveal them to us! So stay with me, and we will discover a GOD we never knew or was never taught! GOD is Truthful to what He says. There are many questions to be answered and the answers are straight from the heart of God Almighty. So, expect answers “little by little” every day!


Author: godshareshimself

Just a man who loves God, and could never receive the Love that God really has for Him. Through studying God's Word, He lifted me up to great heights of His Love so that NOW, I have no reason to doubt His existence. I just want all people everywhere to KNOW GOD as I have come to know him and to experience the GREAT LOVE He has for each of us!

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