Jesus did it all for each of us! God is not the ogre that we have been taught as our leaders have mixed the Old Wine with New Wine. GOD not only LOVE us, but GOD IS LOVE! He did not have to create anything, especially man, yet He did,and not only that but He gave each man a Free Will to accept or reject Him, and His Holinesss will absolutely not allow Him to violate our Free will! Yet, GOD prepared a PLAN before time began to SHARE His VERY Great Love with a man He would create. didn;t He know that ADAM would reject Him. He absolutely did, but He has such great FATIH in His Man that He knew that His Man could call on Him


Author: godshareshimself

Just a man who loves God, and could never receive the Love that God really has for Him. Through studying God's Word, He lifted me up to great heights of His Love so that NOW, I have no reason to doubt His existence. I just want all people everywhere to KNOW GOD as I have come to know him and to experience the GREAT LOVE He has for each of us!

One thought on “GOD SHARES HIMSELF”

  1. What can you say about GOD who gave His entire SELF–ALL that He is– to you and me? sounds great and it is true. God says, we , who are in Christ Jesus, are the FULLNESS OF HIM (2 col 2:9). We have been led to believe by all worldly sources that we are just “poor little me’s” in this world that seems to never quits taunting and troubling us. I sure hope you know who that troubling one is? He came to “steal, to kill, and to destroy, but christ Jesus said, ‘I have come that they may hav Eternal life, and that in ABUNCDANCE ” Just call on Him. He will hear every time!


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