Did you ever wonder about the meaning of “Christ appeared to TAKE AWAY our Sins.”  We were always taugtht this was True for Christ brought forgiveness, which He did , but then we would SIN AGAIn, and be in the same boat as before.  Was there ever to be Freedom of sin? Moreen END TO SIN Forever?

LORD help all of us. Yes, we are on the Precipice of Destruction and just don’t realize it. If only people could see the true heart of God. He has so much to give to us, and yet we live our lives as if there is NO GOD or NO JUDGMENTS to come. Dear People, God has such a great love for you and from the day you were born, He has called out to you! He calls in many ways, through the good things that happen to you, through the evil things that happen to you, but He can ONLY provide the GOOD THINGS.

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Jesus did it all for each of us! God is not the ogre that we have been taught as our leaders have mixed the Old Wine with New Wine. GOD not only LOVE us, but GOD IS LOVE! He did not have to create anything, especially man, yet He did,and not only that but He gave each man a Free Will to accept or reject Him, and His Holinesss will absolutely not allow Him to violate our Free will! Yet, GOD prepared a PLAN before time began to SHARE His VERY Great Love with a man He would create. didn;t He know that ADAM would reject Him. He absolutely did, but He has such great FATIH in His Man that He knew that His Man could call on Him

What is faith?

Amen to all this and I sure like your url”apprentice for Christ”, but even more than than God in christ says, “YOU ARE THE FULNESS OF ALMIGHTY GOD,” but it is ONLy in Him. I really felt sorry fot God, for when He created ADAM, He was shut out of this earth, as Adam, had to turn over all his property to the one he obeyed. anyway this was God’s original Plan for all Men, and through this GOD gave us PRAYER. Because He is on the outside looking-in WE must now CALL on Him for help and that is why Jesus said so many times ASK and YOU WILLl RECEIVE. Our Fre Will keeps God away unstil WE ASK. Great Job Apprentice; kepp up the good work.

Apprentice 2 Jesus

I will forever bless the day when I was asked to rummage through a friend’s office and take any book I liked in certain sections. That is the day I came on Writings from the Philokalia: On Prayer of the Heart. I’ve noted some thoughts from this treasure on past posts. Today’s thought may be the entire reason the Spirit brought me to that office that day. 

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